Fallas costume

Women’s clothing: The traditional costume of a Valencian woman, the badly named fallera suit, because in fact she was already dressed before the fallas appeared as a party, has a long tradition in history. It appeared in the eighteenth century and began to be a work costume of the Valencian gardeners, but with the passage […]

Lady Clare

Spanish folktale

Lady Clare was in her garden overlooking the sea. It was a summer’s day, and the many coloured butterflies flitted about under the trees and among the sweet smelling flowers.

Lady Clare was combing her golden tresses with an ivory comb, seated on a crimson velvet cushion. She looked towards the sea, and she saw a gallant fleet making for the land.

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In Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is commemorated on the third day after being crucified. The Easter term comes from the Hebrew language (Pesah) ant he Greek language (Pascha). The word “Pascua” in Spanish means “paso, salto”. Easter concludes on Holy Week, days that commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus on Good Friday […]


Here you can read and learn about one of the most important dates of Christianity. We, the spanish people, are very religious and we look forward to this moment that recalls the resurrection of Christ. EASTER WORD EASTER POWER POINT