The Greek Christmas Carols, called “Kalanda” in Greek, is a very old custom that remains unchanged until today. Children in groups knock on the doors of houses, ask “Shall we tell them?” and sing the carols accompanied by triangles or other musical instruments. When they finish, the homeowners give them sweets or money and they exchange wishes. Different Carols are sung on the eves of Christmas, New Year and Epiphany. Even for Christmas there are different carols in various parts of Greece, with the following being the most popular all over the country.

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Mousakas is probably the most popular main dish of Greece. Although it takes a lot of preparation, as its three main ingredients, vegetables, minced meat and béchamel white sauce, have to be cooked separately before putting them in the oven, it is a typical dish of traditional Greek cuisine at family gatherings and special occasions.

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