Kutná Hora

Kutná Hora is a town in the Central Bohemian Region of the Czech Republic. The town began in 1142 with the settlement of Sedlec Abbey, the first Cistercian monastery in Bohemia, Sedlec Monastery, brought from the Imperial immediate Cistercian Waldsassen Abbey. By 1260, German miners began to mine for silver in the mountain region, which […]


Telč is situated at the south-west tip of Moravia in the Vysočina Region of the Czech Republic, half-way between Prague and Vienna. It would be hard to imagine a more fairytale-like little town than Telč. A square which looks like it has come straight from the stories of Hans Christian Andersen, a romantic chateau and […]

Moravian folk costumes

Kroje (pronounced “kro-yeh”) are folk costumes worn by Czechs and Slovaks.  Gothic influence is seen in tying shawls and kerchiefs on the head. Fine pleats and gathered lace collars typify the Renaissance era.  From Baroque bell-shaped skirts to delicate Slavic patterns, these folk costumes show the complex growth of Czech and Slovak traditions. Kroje had many regional variants with typical decorations and/or colours.

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Pásli ovce valaši (Moravian christmas carol)

  Lyrics Pásli ovce valaši, při betlémské salaši. /: Hajdom, hajdom, tydlidom, hajdom, hajdom, tydlidom. :/ Anděl se jim ukázal, do Betléma jít kázal. /: Hajdom, hajdom, tydlidom, hajdom, hajdom, tydlidom. :/ Běžte lidé, pospěšte, Ježíška tam najdete. /: Hajdom, hajdom, tydlidom, hajdom, hajdom, tydlidom. :/ On tam leží v jesličkách, ovinutý v plenčičkách. /: Hajdom, hajdom, […]