Wilhelm Busch: Hans Huckebein

The story about the raven Hans Huckebein was written and illustrated by Wilhelm Busch, a poet and illustrator from Wiedensahl in the county of Schaumburg, about 10km north of Stadthagen. The story was first published in 1867 and is told in true rhyme form. It is is about a raven, Hans Huckebein, who is an evil character who plays pranks on everyone he meets and has a tragic ending that Busch describes with dark humor and which teaches the reader a lesson of morals.


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Lady Clare

Spanish folktale

Lady Clare was in her garden overlooking the sea. It was a summer’s day, and the many coloured butterflies flitted about under the trees and among the sweet smelling flowers.

Lady Clare was combing her golden tresses with an ivory comb, seated on a crimson velvet cushion. She looked towards the sea, and she saw a gallant fleet making for the land.

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