Narodi nam se

This song is from the beginning of the 20th century so the language is somewhat archaic. It is about Jesus’ birth which symbolizes the new beginning, new time, new year. All the saints related to his birth are mentioned as well. The saints actually represent all the society classes – those who suffer, husbands, wives, children, bishops, popes… The song consists of 12 stanzas, but usually only the 1st, 2nd and 12th stanza are sung. Last two lines in the 1st stanza are repeated after each stanza.

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The Greek Christmas Carols, called “Kalanda” in Greek, is a very old custom that remains unchanged until today. Children in groups knock on the doors of houses, ask “Shall we tell them?” and sing the carols accompanied by triangles or other musical instruments. When they finish, the homeowners give them sweets or money and they exchange wishes. Different Carols are sung on the eves of Christmas, New Year and Epiphany. Even for Christmas there are different carols in various parts of Greece, with the following being the most popular all over the country.

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Šeba – levická biela pani

Šeba – levická biela pani Za mesačných nocí sa vraj pod levickým zámkom biela pani ukazovala. Kto ju zbadal, rukou mu hrozila a aby ticho bol, prst na ústa kládla. Okolo hradieb sa ako hmla vznášala, do zamrežovaných pivníc nakúkala, nad krvavú studňu sa nakláňala a na voľakedajšom popravisku do blednutia hviezd kľačala. Kľačianky ju […]

Tri prúty (Three twigs)

THREE TWIGS While a King Svätopluk was dying, he commanded to bring his three sons: Mojmír, Svätopluk and Predslav. He got out of bed, took twigs into his hands and he gave it firstly to Mojmír, then Svätopluk and Predslav. He wanted them to break the twigs on their knees. Neither of them could do […]

Narodil sa Kristus Pán

Slovak christmas carol. Narodil sa Kristus Pán, veseľme sa, z ruže kvietok vzkvitol nám, radujme sa. Z života čistého, z rodu kráľovského nám Pán narodil sa. The Christ Lord was born, let´s enjoy ourselves The flower bloomed out of the rose , let´s enjoy ourselves Out of the pure life, out of the royal family […]

Pásli ovce valaši (Moravian christmas carol)

  Lyrics Pásli ovce valaši, při betlémské salaši. /: Hajdom, hajdom, tydlidom, hajdom, hajdom, tydlidom. :/ Anděl se jim ukázal, do Betléma jít kázal. /: Hajdom, hajdom, tydlidom, hajdom, hajdom, tydlidom. :/ Běžte lidé, pospěšte, Ježíška tam najdete. /: Hajdom, hajdom, tydlidom, hajdom, hajdom, tydlidom. :/ On tam leží v jesličkách, ovinutý v plenčičkách. /: Hajdom, hajdom, […]

Traditional song from Karystos in the South of Evia

(syrtos =type of dance) Greek Ποιός τινα άιντε μοι ποιός τινάζει τη μηλιά Ποιός τινάζει τη μηλιά η μπιρμπίλω η ξανθιά Ποιός τινα άιντε μοι ποιός τινάζει μυγδαλιά ποιός τινάει τη μυγδαλιά η μπιρμπίλω η ξανθιά Πίσω από αίντε βρε πίσω από τη ράχη βρέχει πίσω από τη ράχη βρέχει η ξανθιά μιλάει και γνέφει […]