Moravian folk costumes

Kroje (pronounced “kro-yeh”) are folk costumes worn by Czechs and Slovaks.  Gothic influence is seen in tying shawls and kerchiefs on the head. Fine pleats and gathered lace collars typify the Renaissance era.  From Baroque bell-shaped skirts to delicate Slavic patterns, these folk costumes show the complex growth of Czech and Slovak traditions. Kroje had many regional variants with typical decorations and/or colours.

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Schaumburger tracht

The typical traditional costumes in Schaumburg were worn in the rural areas where

mainly three different variations exist in the region since the 18th century:

  • the Bückeburger style
  • the Lindhorster style
  • the Friller style

Major differences between the different styles were the shape of the women‘s cap and some customs when wearing the different variations of the costumes.

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Fallas costume

Women’s clothing: The traditional costume of a Valencian woman, the badly named fallera suit, because in fact she was already dressed before the fallas appeared as a party, has a long tradition in history. It appeared in the eighteenth century and began to be a work costume of the Valencian gardeners, but with the passage […]