Madrid is a capital and the biggest city of Spain. Population of the city is approximately 3,2 millions people. The city has historical centre but there are also modern skyscrapers. In the west part of historical centre is situating royal palace – Palacio Real. Spain king uses it only for representant purposes. Palacio Real is […]

3rd day

3rd day In the morning they woke up at 7 o’clock, breakfasted and went to school. They were at school until 4:00 pm. When they came from school they went to see Valencia and its sights. After visiting the city they came home and went to sleep. PLAZA DE LA VIRGENCATHEDRAL  TORRES DE SERRANOS

5th DAY

Last day in Spain 5th day was the sadest and the hardest. I had to say goodbye to my new friends and partners. These few days were the gratest. I hope I will see everybody soon because I miss them so much, especially my girls from Spain that I love so much and I can […]

4th DAY

L’Albufera-natural park On a 4th day my partners from Spain,Greece,Germany,Slovakia and Cezh Republic and I went to L’Albufera. I was very excited. When we first came to L’Albufera I was amazed with the nature so I took a lot of pictures. Here are some of them.                  The […]

Spain-2nd day

2nd DAY   They woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning, breakfasted and went to school. At school they had a game of dating and treasure hunting to get to know the school. For lunch they had their traditional food and drink Horchata. After that they had Spanish lessions. They came home from school at 4:40 […]


In Easter, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is commemorated on the third day after being crucified. The Easter term comes from the Hebrew language (Pesah) ant he Greek language (Pascha). The word “Pascua” in Spanish means “paso, salto”. Easter concludes on Holy Week, days that commemorate the crucifixion and death of Jesus on Good Friday […]


Here you can read and learn about one of the most important dates of Christianity. We, the spanish people, are very religious and we look forward to this moment that recalls the resurrection of Christ. EASTER WORD EASTER POWER POINT

John’s castle (Janův hrad)

John’s Castle which is also called as Prokopovský dvůr let build on the John’s mountain in Vizovice the prince Prokop Gervas Gollen in 1710-1713. It was built in a length 82.8 m with several rooms for the lords and with th e stables for a cattle. The well has been carved out in the rock […]