IGS Schaumburg

The IGS Schaumburg in the city of Stadthagen has more than 1200 students and around 130 teachers and other employees. The school was founded in 1991 and teaches students from grade 5 – 13 (age 11 – 19). At the moment the school has three locations spread out over Stadthagen, but grades 5-11 are close […]

Osnovna škola Sunja

Primary education in Sunja started in 1827. Today’s school was built in 1982 but renovated after the war since the whole township was heavily damaged, including the school itself. Our school is small and it is named after the township – Sunja. 242 students, aged 6 – 14 attend grades 1st – 8th and we […]

Gymnázium Andreja Vrábla Levice, Slovakia

Gymnázium A. Vrábla is situated in the area with several kinds of industries, a new industrial park continuously extending and the region is the part of Slovakia´s agricultural heartland. Due to this fact,the rate of unemployment does belong to the average in Slovakia. We have 705 students with 8%students with ALN and some from various […]

Gymnázium a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky Zlín, Czech Republic

Gymnázium a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky Zlín is located at the top of the Tomas Garrigue Masaryk Square in Zlín. The director of the grammar school is Mgr. Alena Štachová. Our grammar school began operating in September 1993. In July 2006, a language school with the right of state language examinations was […]

Krieza middle school, Greece

Our school is located in Krieza, a small village on the south-east part of Evia, the second bigger island of Greece and has a population of 91 students, aged from 12 to 15, and 15 teachers, two of whom are exclusively in the Special Education Class. It is a junior high school in a rural area, […]

About our project

The project will be closely related to cultural heritage and tradition as the year 2018 was announced as (-) the year of Cultural heritage and tradition. European Union offers the richness of different nations, languages, cultures as well as their traditions. Our youth, due to the fast technology development is slowly forgetting the traditions of […]