Schaumburger tracht

The typical traditional costumes in Schaumburg were worn in the rural areas where

mainly three different variations exist in the region since the 18th century:

  • the Bückeburger style
  • the Lindhorster style
  • the Friller style

Major differences between the different styles were the shape of the women‘s cap and some customs when wearing the different variations of the costumes.

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Narodi nam se

This song is from the beginning of the 20th century so the language is somewhat archaic. It is about Jesus’ birth which symbolizes the new beginning, new time, new year. All the saints related to his birth are mentioned as well. The saints actually represent all the society classes – those who suffer, husbands, wives, children, bishops, popes… The song consists of 12 stanzas, but usually only the 1st, 2nd and 12th stanza are sung. Last two lines in the 1st stanza are repeated after each stanza.

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