Learn about our project’s theme

In this post you could find three activities about our project’s theme. These activities have been created by greek team.

Activity 1:

The six countries below are partners in the HEREDITAS Erasmus project.

  1. Match the countries with their flags as quickly as you can.
  2. Now write on the padlet how much time you needed. Don’t forget to include your first name.

Activity 2:

This is our program logo. Can you guess which leaf represents Greece? Write down your opinion on the padlet and give reasons to justify your choice. Don’t forget to include your first name.

Activity 3:

Hereditas is an acronym for” Here Discover International Treasure and Survive”.

  1. Do you know what an acronym is? If not, check it on your dictionary.
  2. Try to define what our school project is about and write your ideas on the padlet. Don’t forget to include your first name.

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