The black lady of the Orava castle

A folktale of The Castle of Orava
Or Thecurse of Lady Alžbeta

When the wife of the Lord Juraj VII. Turza, Žofia, suddenly passed away, the man was drowning in sorrow. However, what concerned him most, is the thought of himbeing to blame for Žofia’s death, as he did not give her attention she needed, as if she died of grief. When Juraj confessed his thoughts to the warden, he assured him, that Žofia could never have found a better man, and that the cold stone walls of the castle were the reason of herpassing. Since hearing this, Juraj decided to rebuild the castle stone by stone, to assure no one died of the cold again. Time barely passed and Juraj fell in love with Alžbeta Coborová, whom he married a while after, but left her even sooner as he has gone to fight in a war. Years passed and Juraj never came back, truth be told, he died in a battle. Alžbeta awaited him, and surveyed each laborer very strictly. Once, a laborer murmured under his breath: „All she does is walk around, gives us no rest.“ Upon hearing this, Alžbeta has sworn herself to keep watch at the castle, and even today, journey men keep spotting a lady dressed all black, overlooking every corner of the castle, awaitingJuraj’s return.
Today, the Orava Castle, together with the Orava museum stands alomst untouched. In the museum you can find a natural history and ethnographic exposition. The castle is the most well-preserved, and the Black Lady roams it’s chambers.

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