Homemade soap

In the last years a lot of people in Greece make their own natural homemade soap out of olive oil, in the same way their grandparents did. Apart from the pleasure of making something with their own hands, they trust its origin and ingredients and use it for therapeutic purposes.


To make soap of about 50 bars of medium size, these are the suggested quantities of the ingredients, which can be adapted to the quantity of the final product. Our ingredients are:

1.5lts of water at room temperature

4.5lts of olive oil

576 gr of caustic soda

How to make it

  • In the water we add the caustic soda little by little and we stir it. The water temperature rises at the 80-85° Then we let the mixture get cold for a few hours until it reaches room temperature, ideally the temperature of the olive oil.
  • In a big bucket we pour the olive oil and then the water-soda mixture and we stir it until it becomes homogeneous. To see when the soap is ready, we can lift some mixture with our spoon and then drop it again in the bucket. If it leaves a trace/line on the mixture, then it is ready for molding. If we wish some aroma, we can add essential oils or cinnamon (4-5 teaspoons are ideal for this quantity).
  • Then we empty the mixture in a mould made of wood, plastic or silicon. We used a wooden mould of 30×60 cm but before the use we put on its bottom baking paper so that the mixture does not get stuck.
  • We let the soap get solid for 24-48 hours before we cut it in pieces with a knife or a spatula.


The soap can be used one and a half month after its making.



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