A fable about princess Libuše

Princess Libuše took over the reign after her father. She was very wise and was able to forebode and predict the future. One day, she was walking around the Vltava river and exclaimed:

“I see a great city, its glory will touch the stars!”

“Great! We will love to live in that city, we just have to build it. So let’s build the castle first!” said the people and started working.

“The city will be called Prague,” said Libuše and everyone agreed.

People really bulit the castle and a beautiful city grew up around it. Everyone was happy because they were living well.

But there are always some conflicts, even in the good times. One day, two man were arguing about a field.

“It has always been mine!” yelled the first one.

“No, that’s a lie!” opposed the other one.

They went to Libuše to judge them. Princess closed her eyes and looked into the future.

“The field will be yours forever from now on,” she said to one of the men.

“That’s not fair! You do not know anything about it. That’s because you are a woman,” screamed the other man.

Libuše thought for a while and then said:

“I will find a husband. Your future duke will be on the place where my horse stops.”

The horse was running for whole three days and stopped in a village called Stadice in front of a man who was just working in the field.

“You will be the husband of princess Libuše. You are our prince,” exclaimed the harbingers who were running with the horse.

The man’s name was Přemysl. People called him Přemysl the Ploughman. He married Libuše and their genus was reigning for a long time.

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