Colegio nuestra señora del Rosario, Paterna, Spain

We will try to describe our school called Nuestra Señora del Rosario, Dominicas in a brief.

The first school related to Dominicas was founded in 1896 by the Dominican Sisters of the Annunciation based on Dominican ideals.

Given that its first location was not at the same place as its present, the school has been experimented some changes. The most important one was the change of its situation. The Dominicas school has been moved about Paterna, its current location. It is a special one for several reasons. The centre is surrounded by different social classes due to the fact that it is between two distinctive districts. On the one hand, we see new urbanisations from the upper middle class and on the other hand, there is a district distinguished by the lower class.

Owing to these peculiarities, the student body is heterogeneous because of the cultural diversity. The students are well disposed to accept and respect their neighbours transmitting the values related to the school doctrine.


The building is divided into three floors related to the educational stages: the first floor covers kindergarten courses, the first course of primary education and the cantine, the second floor covers primary education and the third floor covers secondary education and the library.

Every class offers technology devices for the students and teacher’s work. They are equipped with computers, projectors and interactive digital whiteboards, and there are chromebooks, tablets and computers. Students use them in different lessons such as IT or technology projects.


Besides, our school offers many facilities related to sport as for example the gym where there are different types of sport equipment, the large playground space where students play team sports (football, basketball, volleyball…). These facilities are also used for extra curricular lessons such as gymnastics.


Dominicas’ students learn through school projects supported by books and diverse teaching techniques.  Bilingual education is also an important tool from the little ones to the teens who learn languages, English language as the main one, in extra curricular activities that help them to improve in their subjects.

Some projects that are also of interest are related to personal values and empathy. We shall mention the nursing home activity, voluntary work or conflict mediation training.

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