Osnovna škola Sunja

Primary education in Sunja started in 1827. Today’s school was built in 1982 but renovated after the war since the whole township was heavily damaged, including the school itself.

Our school is small and it is named after the township – Sunja. 242 students, aged 6 – 14 attend grades 1st – 8th and we have 46 employees, out of which 29 teachers.

The school building is modern and it is equipped with the newest technology – computers, projectors, whiteboards, smartboards, tablets. A lot of events are organized at school for students and parents such as Thanksgiving Day, St Nicholas Day, Christmas show, Valentine’s Day, Carnival, Pink shirt day (against the violence), Colorful socks day (Down’s syndrome awareness day), etc. During the school year we take our students on different trips.
The school also has a radio room, library and an old classroom, which is really interesting because it is equipped with furniture and things from the second half of the 19th century. It also has a garden which students cultivate together with a teacher. Besides that, students can choose to participate in other activities, such as hand craft workshops, hiking, football, volleyball, choir, Volunteer club, etc.

Students also attend different competitions, like sporting competitions or language competitions and present our school on Christmas and Easter market where they sell their hand crafts.

Sunja is a township in Sisak-Moslavina county, central Croatia. It is a rural area, but only half an hour away from Sisak which is the center of the county and an hour and a half away from Zagreb, our capital. A lot of students and their parents live on farms and they have some sort of family business, for example they make and sell dairy products, meat, fruit and vegetables, honey, pumpkin oil,.. There is a post office, police station, fire department, infirmary, church, municipal building and a train station in Sunja. The township has around 5.000 residents.

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