Gymnázium Andreja Vrábla Levice, Slovakia

Gymnázium A. Vrábla is situated in the area with several kinds of industries, a new industrial park continuously extending and the region is the part of Slovakia´s agricultural heartland. Due to this fact,the rate of unemployment does belong to the average in Slovakia. We have 705 students with 8%students with ALN and some from various ethnic minorities. Education in our school is mainly focused on language studies (English – the first foreign language, German, Russian – the second foreign language), Science, Environmental Issues, Maths and preparation for the final leaving exam,university studies (99%) or the world of work (1%). There is a great variety of extra-curricular activities at our school ranging from volunteering programmes (Peer programme, Duke of Edinburgh Award), to charity events (long-lasting cooperation with Civic Association Miesto v Dome – with children from socially disadvantaged areas) and sporting competitions. We also offer our students the opportunities to take part in educational projects on environmental, scientific, cultural and linguistic, geographical, economic issues at local, national and international levels (The World Championship in Geography 2017). Since we participated in an EU project, we have sufficient technical equipment for several projects. Our school has a long-life experience in education (the school is 200 years old) and belongs to the schools of high-quality schools in its national category. We have started several changes in teaching by new approaches, methods by using CLIL education in Music (hard CLIL) and soft CLIL in Chemistry, Geography. We have participated and coordinated a number of KA2, KA1, eTwinning and Comenius projects. Our motivation to be part in this project is to continue our effort to currently creating way towards modernisation our teaching and learning experiences by enhancing our literacy and cultural heritage areas of study.

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