About our project

The project will be closely related to cultural heritage and tradition as the year 2018 was announced
as (-) the year of Cultural heritage and tradition. European Union offers the richness of different
nations, languages, cultures as well as their traditions. Our youth, due to the fast technology
development is slowly forgetting the traditions of their nations and cultural heritage. As our primary
project´s intention is to keep our nations´ cultural heritage for the youth generation sustained. Not
only we would like to present and teach our students how to become culturally aware but also to
discover unrevealed treasures of our partners´ cultural heritage on regional and national levels. and
disseminate them to the international group of teachers, students.

The aim of the project is to motivate our students into discovering cultural heritage of our nations in
order to promote European citizenship, national awareness and patriotism, to share and learn from
other nations – partners, to create project outcomes – the printed album of photographs ( project
pictures,cookery book – recipes of grandmas and great grandmas )old tales and Educational
treasure hunt as the educational teaching aid – the game .

By creating the educational game, our next goal is to strengthen the teaching profession by
developing the teaching aid – The treasure hunt game HEREDITAS – concerning different
partners´cultural heritage parts ( regional history, geographical issues, traditions related to national
costumes, cuisine, songs, local language – dictionary). The new teaching aid, which will be
developed and used inside and outside the partner schools, will enrich the educational process and
school curriculum and make the lessons ( foreign languages, CLIL geography, history, IT) more
attractive not only for the students and teachers but also for parents . The lessons will be enriched by
the implementing new approaches, methods, IT tools teachers will share, learn and implement .
Patriotism will be reached by learning the partner school languages – showing the beauty of our
mother tongues when it is being learned by other studens, using project language English as the
communication means in order to improve and foster our students´and teachers´communication

Partner schools

  • Gymnázium Andreja Vrábla Levice, Slovakia
  • Gymnázium a Jazyková škola s právem státní jazykové zkoušky Zlín, Czech Republic
  • Colegio nuestra señora del Rosario, Paterna, Spain
  • Osnovna skola Sunja, Croatia
  • Krieza middle school, Greece
  • IGS Schaumburg, Stadthagen, Germany

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